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About JTAG Live

JTAG Live, the easy-to-use and extremely economic printed circuit board debug tool, comes from JTAG Technologies. We've been in the boundary-scan business since 1993, and we've used that experience to create an all-new, low-cost tools suite accessible to every engineer and technician involved in PCB debug and test.

As hardware designers ourselves, we know the pressures facing today's EE: designing a new product that's highly functional and meets strict cost and reliability objectives. And, of course, you have to be sure to get your prototypes up and running quickly. With the JTAG Live tools this just became a lot easier.

Underneath the skin of JTAG Live is the power of boundary-scan, capitalizing on the built-in test resources in many of the chips on your board. But to use JTAG Live, you don't need to know anything about boundary-scan, because we did that part for you.

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