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Embedded software engineering

A single point of entry to configure your board

Today most hardware engineers undertake some software or firmware development and some software engineers even undertake hardware development. What they both have in common is the need to program their code into the many programmable elements that now exist on today's digital and mixed signal designs. For a complex board that could include an array of parts such as Flash Memories (NOR and NAND), Serial PROMs (I2C, SPI etc.), CPLDs, FPGAs, microprocessors and DSPs with embedded flash. SOCs etc.. For many engineers the problems occur when trying to accomodate the array of ISP (In-System Programming) interfaces and hardware adapters needed to support these devices. By using the tools from JTAG Technologies you can obtain the following benefits. 

Your benefits:

  • A 'one stop shop' for all your ISP requirements.
  • Uses standard JTAG controller compatible with hardware engineering and test
  • Supported by intuitive, generic software interface with built-in sequencer
  • Programs flashes (NOR and NAND) plus serial PROMs using indirect JTAG
  • Programs embedded flash in Micros and DSPs
  • Configures all types of CPLDs and FPGAs using SVF, JAM/STAPL, JEDEC and ISC (IEEE 1532) format

Helpful products for software engineers: