We ARE boundary scan.

Hardware Engineering

Reduce development costs, speed time to market

Today’s hardware engineers are faced with ever increasing pressure to deliver more complex products with precise specifications to market fast. One of their greatest challenges is how to debug prototype boards for unforeseen manufacturing faults, and this is where JTAG Live tools can help you. By ensuring that a workable boundary-scan infrastructure is designed in from the start, the hardware engineer is building-in a permanent debug mechanism into their design (our free DFT guide booklets contain useful hints on this). A mechanism that can be used by you, your colleagues and manufacturing partners throughout your product's life-cycle.

Your benefits:

  •     A firmware independent way to prove your prototype hardware
  •     Debug your prototype hardware against manufacturing failures
  •     Save time in developing functional tests
  •     Control how your design will be tested during production
  •     More time developing, less time testing and debugging

Helpful products for hardware engineers: