We ARE boundary scan.

JTAG Live Studio

JTAG Live Studio is your complete JTAG/boundary-scan solution for testing, debugging and programming your boards. Based on the standard JTAG Live platform that now includes an automated scan path builder, Studio adds JTAG Live Buzz, BuzzPlusAutoBuzz, Clip, Script, JAM, STAPL and SVF players PLUS a JTAG Live controller.

With the latest version of AutoBuzz, interconnections can be tested using a comparison with a known good board or by learning boundary-scan pin connections from a CAD-derived netlist. Create reusable cluster tests and flash programming actions in Python using Script. Include IC-level tests by adding low-cost CoreCommander options that can control IC cores and/or link to FPGA gate array fabric.

  • Lowest cost complete boundary-scan tool set
  • Creates test and In-system programming routines - fast
  • Sequence your applications within a stand-alone Python executive
  • Includes high-quality JTAG/boundary-scan interface/controller

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  • Faster prototype debug improves time to market. 
  • Low cost suits small to medium enterprises and start-ups
  • Leverages open source scripting language. 
  • Enables formalised test approach for all designs and designers