We ARE boundary scan.


JTAG Live Buzz

JTAG Live™ Buzz provides an easy solution for debugging boards too crowded for traditional probing with scopes or logic analysers - what's more it's totally free.

JTAG Live BuzzPlus

While Buzz allows the user to sample activity on boundary-scan pins and test continuity of nets across a circuit board, BuzzPlus extends its capability with a unique ‘seek and discover’ mode that effectively learns the network of nodes for a specified net connection.

JTAG Live AutoBuzz

AutoBuzz is a totally unique new tool that effectively learns a connectivity signature of all boundary-scan parts within a design from only the BSDL models of those parts.


JTAG Live CoreCommander

CoreCommander routines take control of key processor core (e.g. ARM, PPC, X-scale, Cortex etc.) functions using the built-in emulation/debug functions found in today’s RISC and DSP cores.


JTAG Live Clip

Clip is the vector-based upgrade for creating and saving board-level tests. It features unlimited pattern depth and bit width.


JTAG Live Script

Script uses the open-source Python™ language to provide a powerful command and control structure to manipulate and sense cluster I/Os.


JTAG Live Studio

JTAG Live Studio is your complete JTAG/boundary-scan solution for testing, debugging and programming your boards.