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Altera Port Test (Troubleshoot Utility)

If you are having connection problems with the Altera controller within JTAG Live, then this Altera Port Test troubleshoot utility might help you further.

Connection problems could occur if..

Using an Altera USB-Blaster? Read this first.

The Altera USB Blaster has been tested with JTAG Live.

However it is important that the following guidelines are met before use.

Xilinx Pods – Installation Instructions (LabTools)

Installation instructions for the more lightweight installer Xilinx LabTools 14.6 to work with JTAG Live on Windows Operating Systems.

Xilinx Pods – Installation Instructions (ISE WebPack)

This is an update for the latest Xilinx Webpack release 14.1
We verified that Xilinx ISE Webpack 14.1 is working with JTAG Live on Windows Operating Systems.

Instructions Xilinx Instruments (Server Version)

JTAG Live V1.1.0.0 now supports the server based Xilinx interface (“Cse Server”) in addition to the DLL version.