Altera Port Test (Troubleshoot Utility)

If you are having connection problems with the Altera controller within JTAG Live, then this Altera Port Test troubleshoot utility might help you further.

Connection problems could occur if..
– the Altera controller is not connected
– the Altera driver not installed correctly
– Altera Quartus QProgrammer is not correctly installed

We have made a small troubleshoot tool that will give more information.

The Altera Port Test utility has to be placed into the JTAG Live installation-folder. (e.g. C:\Program Files\JTAG Live or C:\Program Files (x86)\JTAG Live)
Then you can doubleclick the AlteraPortTest.exe and a log file will be written in the working directory (JTAG Live installation folder).
Note: Run AlteraPortTest.exe with administrator rights, to allow writing of the log file.

The utility will produce a logfile which is default named: AlteraPortTest.log