JTAG Live Script


Script uses the open-source Python language to provide a powerful command and control structure to drive and sense boundary-scan I/O pins for ‘cluster’ testing. Using Script, you’ll create Python code to verify operation of non-boundary-scan logic. LEDS and mixed signal devices. By means of high-level routines that can be embedded in a Python program, Script drives and senses values on pins or groups of pins defined as variables. The built-in JTAGLive Python editor simplifies preparation of the sequences to perform tests and collect results.
Creating test modules in Script promotes device orientated testing and re-use of test code. Using Python open source means that thousands of additional libraries can be obtained from the established user community.
JTAG Live Buzz is automatically included for free with this product.

• Engineer-friendly programming environment
• Testing of complex sequential clusters
• Flash and SPROM programming
• Built in serial library for testing I2C and SPI elements
• Supports emulative testing with CoreCommander add-ons

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